Sony Ericsson Confirmed: There Is No Ongoing Competetion From Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson One of the best mobile maker confirmed that There is no ongoing Sony Ericsson competetion. They also give a warning to the user’s of Sony Ericsson that there are some people who useing Sony Ericsson name for a fake competion and sending spam mails to the user. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is aware that a series of unsolicited emails have been sent to members of the general public from an email address that appears to bear the name ‘Sony Ericsson’ and which tells that the recipient has won a sum of money in a competition and requests that certain personal data be confirmed. These unsolicited communications are not from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and are believed to be attempts to obtain personal data for fraudulent purposes. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications wishes to take this opportunity to apologise to members of the general public for any inconvenience or confusion caused by these fraudulent emails. If you receive a similar unsolicited email please do not reply to it, but forward it to


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