Out source your life with TimeSvr

Today I am going to tell you about the amazing service which I found recently, this is Time Svr. These guys come up with the great Idea to help people in their busy life.

They provides on-demand Virtual Assistants, called Aides, for busy professionals who'd like to get the most out of their day. TimeSvr members can access an Aide anytime (24/7/365), from anywhere, using email, text messaging, Skype IM, the Phone or the Web. There Aides are specially handpicked to provide high satisfaction while carrying out almost any task requested. They are equipped with the technology they need to do almost any task you require off them, from arranging travel and dinner reservations to making phone calls and doing research on the internet for you. The system is flexible to allow you to use your Aide to do whatever you think is important, however you would like it done.


There Workspace allows you to access every single task you have set, regardless of how you communicated it, in one place. Task updates and status are also reflected here.

Each member also has access to a customizable profile. This is where you can store information about yourself which will help your Aide perform the tasks you set (Frequent Flyer numbers, restaurant preferences, schedule reminders, etc.). All information can be edited or deleted at any point in time, putting the control in your hands. Don't have time to fill out the profile just once? No worries! The result? Perfect service tailored to your needs, every time!

I found this a very cost effective solution, currently TimeSvr offers a 3 day free trial for its Personal service, which provides unlimited basic tasks and up to 8 hours of complex tasks a month, for only $69 per month. TimeSvr Dedicated service allows companies and individuals to buy chunks of Aide time, at $7.5/hour or $850 monthly for a full time Aide (discounts available for longer contracts).

For more information visit: www.timesvr.com


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