BlackBerry 9630 to launch as the " Blackberry Tour"

Amy-Mae Elliott wrote on that RIM's leaked BlackBerry 9630 smartphone is likely to be called the "Tour" when it supposedly launches in early summer, reports US blog Boy Genius Report.

In what's pretty much a two plus two equals five scenario, the news comes from a tipster, but is backed up by some decent logic.

Chris also reported on that aside from the 9630's "World Edition" tag working with the "Tour" theme, and were both registered on the same day, and point to the same IP address.
Add into the mix the fact that we know rock band U2's "360 Degrees" concert tour is to be "Presented by BlackBerry", and RIM is working with U2 to create something, this handset - with possible U2-custom software - could well be it.

The name hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but coincidentally two new domains have been recently registered: and Does the Tour have anything to do with U2’s upcoming “360 Degrees” concert tour? We suspect so, especially as we know that the band together with RIM are working on something special for BlackBerries.


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