Google Mobile App for Blackberry now with Search by voice and by Location

Remember the last time you tried to search for "Marks & Spencers London SW1W" on your Blackberry and ended up with 10 extra characters in the spelling of "Spencers" before you gave up on the "London" bit? If you're like us and hate typing on that tiny keyboard, you'll be glad to hear that Google Mobile App on your Blackberry will let you search with your voice and with My Location. Give it a try by visiting on your Blackberry. (Blackberry Storm is not supported at this time.) Your fingers will thank you for it.

Suppose you're vacationing in London, and you have a craving for fish and chips. With the My Location feature enabled, you can just enter "fish n chips" into Google Mobile App, and it will return the fish and chips restaurants closest to you. No need to type in "fish and chips near SW1W". And since Google Mobile App displays search suggestions as you type, you may only need to type part of the query before "Best Fish n Chips in London" pops up as a suggestion. We're a fan of anything that saves keystrokes on the way to deep-fried British goodness.

Now on your vacation, you could have sworn your friend said to meet in "Lester Square". Unfortunately, "Lester Square" is nowhere to be found on the Tube Map. A quick voice search on Google Mobile App (just press and hold the green button) for "Lester Square" reveals the true spelling. Leicester Square is actually only two stops away on the Picadilly Line. Problem solved! And as always, local results have a link to open Google Maps for mobile to guide you there. Searching by voice can be used in combination with the My Location feature, and it works well with standard Google searches, such as currency conversion and weather. So keystrokes have been reduced... to a single press of the green button in Google Mobile App.

And if you happen to speak with a British accent, you'll be happy to know that we now support British English as well. Google Mobile App is now available on all versions of Blackberry running on O/S 4.1+ and with Search by voice on O/S 4.2 and above, although the Blackberry Storm is not supported at this time.
[source: Posted by Luca Zanolin, Google Mobile App engineer]


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