Help the baby mouse to get out of the maze | Windows Mobile Game

It’s a turn-based puzzle inspired by the world wide known classic Sokoban concept. Help the baby mouse to get out of the maze.

GET IT HERE: MouseMaze : Version 1.3

The object of the game is to help the baby mouse to get out of the maze. You can move, push stones and jump over obstacles. Mouse loses energy on each action. You should collect food scattered around the maze to restore mouse energy.

Sometimes exit from the maze can be closed. To open the gates, Mouse has to move one or more stones with special sign to the corresponding place with the same sign.

If Mouse exhausts all life energy, the level will not be completed and Mouse will not be able to continue his adventures in the maze.

If you like original Sokoban game, you’ll love this improved concept! The simple controls make it so easy to learn, you’ll start having fun right away. Increase your intellectual skill with this amazing game!

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