Pocket Controller-Pro | Download a fully functional evaluation version

Rev-up Your Productivity with **10 Products in 1** SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro V6 enables you to greatly increase your productivity at work & at home by giving you more control over your device from your desktop PC than if it were in your very hand! Key features include: Remote Control, Synchronization, Registry Editor, File Explore Tool, Presentation Tools, Screen & Video Capture, System Information Tool, and much more! Download a fully functional evaluation version of this award-winning program.

Real-Time Remote Control Presentation Tools
Training Tools File Synchronization
File Explore Tool Registry Editor Tool
Task Manager Tool System Information Tool
Screen/Video Capture Printing

More Product Features:

  • Connectivity - Connect via ActiveSync or Wired/Wireless TCP/IP. Configure multiple connection
  • Device Skin - View your mobile device in a device skin, skins for most Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone) devices are available
  • Full Screen Background Mode - View the remote control session against a solid color or HTML background, ideal for presentations
  • Portrait or Landscape Display Modes - View your mobile device screen in portrait or landscape modes
  • DOS Box - Use the DOS Box Tool to remotely execute DOS commands
  • Clipboard Synchronization - Transfer data between Mobile Device and Desktop computer clipboards. This facility allows data to be easily exchanged between desktop and device applications
  • Macro Recording/Playback - Record keystrokes and mouse events to a macro file that can be played back. Macro files are text files that can be edited and customized
  • Automatic Startup - Can be configured to automatically start/stop when you dock/un-dock your mobile device profiles, multiple TCP/IP addresses, control multiple devices simultaneously by running multiple instances of Pocket Controller
  • Support for all international keyboards
  • 10 months of free upgrades and technical support

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