My Currency Converter for SmartPhone

Most Flexible and Best-Ever Single & Multiple Currency Converters. Simple way to Update, Add and Delete Currencies. Professional User-Interface. You’ll definitely love it.

GET IT HERE: My Currency Converter for SmartPhone : Version 1.0

# Key Features:
# Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
# Most Flexible Single and Multiple Currency Converters.
# Add any number of Currencies with Code and Rate.
# Simple options for Updating and Deleting Currencies.
# Great Search options for Currency List and Multiple Currency Converters.
# Accurate Conversions.
# Automatic Calculation of Currency rates.
# Novel way of browsing the options using Menu.

Experience the Latest Windows Mobile software Smartphone & Pocket PC

READ MORE.. My Currency Converter for SmartPhone : Version 1.0


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