manage your work with Pocket StopWatch

A Complete Stopwatch with alarm,countdown timer,Single/Multiple timer with laptimes.Laptimes can be export to MSWord. GET IT HERE: Pocket StopWatch : Version 1.0

Pocket StopWatch

Pocket StopWatch is an awesome tool for timing any event.It is the ultimate all purpose stopwatch for your PocketPC! It will help you time how long you’ve been away from your desk, time your drive to work or you can use it to time just about anything!

It display Digital Clock, with an alarm that you can set to any time and Multiple timers can take upto a maximum of seven timings with customize settings.It has alarm time , Countdown Time, Digital Clock with Day, Date and Month. Get your events started with this perfect timer, right now. This Tool will help you keep up with how long things take.

Single Timer with lap can allow the user to keep track any number of laps.Fastest,slowest,Average and total laps are calculated and exported to Pocket MS Word. Lap report will be stored in My documents.

Key Features:

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